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Who We Are

Access to Media is the new boutique-style advertising and media buying agency that offers customized marketing solutions for all of our clients.

As a full-service advertising agency, our name reflects our key strengths: Access To Media. As much as we are committed to finding our clients the best media options, we don't stop there. We are passionate about creating a complete experience, and connecting target audiences with clients' brands, products and services.

We offer an array of services, including advertising, media planning and buying, research, direct and customer relationship marketing, and multi-cultural marketing. Combined with our sales promotions, public relations, interactive marketing, and social business strategies, you'll receive complete and personalized coverage of your marketing needs.

It all started for us in 2003. Liz Jusko, VP of Sales, had a vision for a different kind of ad agency. She believed that small businesses should receive the same attention and opportunities as large corporations when it came to customer service and spending their advertising dollars. Her emphasis on client diversity and customer service gave the company an edge over traditional advertising agencies. As a former customer service representative, Liz channeled this idea into a multi-million dollar corporation.

Today, Access to Media's clientele ranges from large corporations to the small business owner-and we're still growing! Liz's strong belief in giving a business what it needs to grow resulted in a unique group of services and the elimination of up-front consultation fees and traditional agency contracts.

Why We Are Different

For any media campaign - large or small - Access To Media assembles a team to deliver you the highest quality of customer service and a comprehensive communications 'one-stop shop.' Our team management process ensures quality and value for your money and success!

What We Do

Advertising and Media strategies are constantly evolving and it's vital to adapt to these changes to meet the needs of consumers. We are dedicated to staying on top of today's marketing and digital trends, but our roots remain with traditional media. Our marketing solutions take the best of both worlds and use them to your advantage.

We know what it takes to develop stellar advertising campaigns with the best possible media research and remnant buying to attract the customers you need!

From website design to event promotions, effective classified ads to a front cover of a national magazine, search engine optimization to radio and television commercials, and everything in between!