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Who We Are

Access to Media defines itself as a growing boutique-style advertising and media buying agency offering clients creative marketing solutions to see real results for their company. Our name reflects our sincere promise to you: Access to Media.

We are passionate about creating lasting connections and wholesome experiences at our agency. Our team aims to connect specific target audiences with our clients' brands, products and services. Engaging in an array of media, we are committed to finding you the best media outlets to display your message. Each client is promised customized advertising services tailored to each medium which will allow your brand's voice to ring loud and clear.

How We Began

It all started for us back in 2003. Liz Jusko, our current VP of Sales, had a vision for a less traditional kind of ad agency. She believed that small businesses could receive the same attention and opportunities as large corporations when it came to customer service and spending advertising dollars. Liz and the team have placed emphasis diversity and opportunity, which gave the company an edge over "traditional" advertising agencies. Liz has channeled this idea of diverse opportunity into the creation of a multi-million dollar corporation, using her past experiences as a customer service representative to her advantage.

Today, Access to Media's clientele ranges from the small business owner to large corporations - and we are still growing! Liz and the team strongly believe in unique services and fair opportunities. This is why Liz focuses on free consultations for every client, eliminating the up-front fees and agency contracts that "traditional" agencies typically focus on.

Why We Are Different

For any media campaign - large or small - Access To Media assembles a team to deliver you the highest quality of customer service and a comprehensive communications 'one-stop shop.' Our team management process ensures quality and value for your money and success!

What We Do

Here at Access to Media, we understand that advertising and media strategies are constantly evolving, and how it is vital to adapt to these changes to meet the needs of consumers. Although our roots remain in traditional media, we are dedicated to staying on top of today's marketing and digital trends to evolve with various types of brands. We have adapted to take the best of both worlds and use them to your advantage.

Whether you need a new website design, an event promotion, or a newspaper print campaign, we have you covered. We offer plenty of services to aid your brand and increase your presence in any medium.

Our general services include advertising, media planning and buying. We also conduct research to understand each client's target audience and demographics more specifically. Additionally, we focus on direct marketing, customer relationship marketing, and multi-cultural marketing. We promise that with our sales promotions, public relations, interactive marketing, and social business strategies, you will receive complete and personalized coverage of your marketing needs, whatever they may be.