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Why SEO is Important for Businesses

What does SEO mean? SEO other known as “search engine optimization” is the ranking of a web page in a search engine. When people search for products, search engines display content related to your business. 93% of online interactions start…

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The State of Digital Marketing in the Cannabis Industry

With more and more states voting in favor of legalizing cannabis, it’s no surprise that cannabis has become the fastest-growing industry in the United States since 2015. In 2021 alone, the legal cannabis industry is expected to add $92 billion to the US economy. The industry, however, remains far behind its mainstream counterparts in terms of utilizing advertising channels to get their message out. It’s about time we change all that and start utilizing the proper marketing tools available in 2021 to make cannabis advertising for your business easy.

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2021 Marketing and Advertising Trends

Written by Kelly Kiely, Creative & Digital Marketing Specialist If 2020 taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Predicting the future feels particularly intimidating after the year we just had. But, there are marketing trends underway we anticipate will…

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Why Contests Are Important Blog Post

Why Contests Are Important

Contests are important and should be a part of your marketing strategy. They are great ways to improve your following count on social media, engage your audience and collect data on your customers. Here are some reasons why contests might…

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