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Choosing the Advertising Strategy That is the Best Fit for Your Business in 2021

The most important aspect of advertising for any business is to know your customers. Getting your message out on the right platform is vital in building your brand and drawing in new clients. The main question is, what platform makes the most sense to reach the highest number of potential customers?

Is print still relevant?

It’s hard to pinpoint the first use of print advertising. Examples of print advertising have been with us at least as far back as the time of the ancient Egyptians. In fact, print has been the dominant form of advertising up until the end of the 20th century. There’s no doubt that print has taken a few steps back compared to more contemporary forms of advertising, it is still a consistent way to reach viewers. If you’re considering print as the desired media to place advertisements for your business, you’re in luck! Access to Media is a team of dedicated professionals with ties to statewide, regional, and national Newspaper networks as well as daily and community newspapers. We negotiate the lowest rates to give you the best ad placements for your target demographic. Access To Media can place your print advertisement in National, Regional, Local and International newspapers. We offer DR, standby/remnant, advertorial, marketplace/Back of Book, and so much more.

Physical Newspapers and Magazines, although declining in popularity, remain heavy hitters in the evolving world of media. Many of the mainstream publications today are well-known and trusted sources of information for many Americans. It’s estimated that 25% of adults age 65+ in the US get their news primarily from print publications. Overall there is an estimated 7.7 million Americans who read newspapers on a regular basis. While most Americans are not reading newspapers on a daily, 73% have confidence and trust in their local newspaper. Businesses should keep this in mind if they choose to place an ad in their local newspaper. With the right audience, proper placement can go a long way.


What about Magazines?

Magazine trends in 2021 show that readership is expected to grow through the 2021 – 2025 period. This is excellent news for businesses and organizations that recognize the value of print advertising. 92% of 18 to 23-year-olds find it easier to read print over digital content (Forer, 2017). Magazines that have a dedicated readership are much more likely to have readers more engaged with print advertisements for a longer duration compared to digital ads.  A study by R.C. Brayshaw in 2020 shows that print ads generate a 20% higher motivation response or more if it appeals to more senses by touch.

Access to Media is ready to work with your company to ensure the best fit for ad placement among your top demographic. Our team can find the best rates on ad placement in the top publications for both newspapers and magazines across the US while taking advantage of Remnant rates.

Okay, aside from print, what other ways can we expand our reach?

I’m glad you asked. Statistics show that 92% of Americans over the age of 12 listen to the radio at least once per week. It’s not surprising that 80% of those individuals listen to it primarily in the car. Studies also show that purchase decisions are more likely to be made while driving. Due to these behavior patterns, the right brand can have an effective impact on listeners’ purchases.

Beyond the reach of broadcast radio, Online radio streaming services have an ever-increasing market presence in the world of media. In 2021 it’s estimated that subscribers on average listen to 974 minutes of online radio each month. Companies such as iHeartRadio, Sirius, Spotify, and Pandora are leading the market with an average of about 72% of adults in the U.S. between the ages of 35-54 ( No matter what your target demographic is, there is an audience out there somewhere listening to the radio. Consult with the experts to find the best possible placement. Access to Media has relationships with all the major National radio content providers. Radio advertising makes sense for all industries and is the obvious choice to take advantage of the widest reach out of all forms of media.

The Podcast Renaissance

The Podcast industry has seen significant growth over the past two decades. In 2021, approximately 78% of Americans are at least familiar with podcasts and 57% of Americans have listened to at least one podcast. This is up by 4.72% compared to last year.  It’s even more interesting to note that podcast listeners have grown by 29.5% over the past 3 years. This is particularly attractive for advertisers, as there is a projected estimate of 117.8 million podcast listeners by the end of 2021. Podcast ads can reach a very niche audience and can be extremely successful in promoting a brand through placement on a popular podcast with the target demographic. Listeners can be more responsive to a brand or product when endorsed by a host they’re familiar with and listen to regularly. There are currently over 2 million active podcast shows, and this number is increasing every year. Our team has been expanding our network of vendors for podcasts and is ready to get your ads placed in the best spots for the best rates.

Video did not kill the radio advertiser

While radio has the farthest reach out of all forms of media, with 228 million adults in the United States, the second farthest reach goes to TV. Television has an audience of about 89% among the adult population of the US. On average, there are 121 million TVs in homes across the US. According to the A.C. Nielson Company, the average American consumes roughly 3 hours and 46 minutes of TV each day. That’s a lot of TV. Consider the frequency of commercial breaks in each of those hours spent with the TV. Whether it’s during your favorite primetime shows, or if you just have the TV on for background noise, the impact of television advertising unquestionably holds high influence over the minds of Americans when it comes to purchasing decisions.

If you’re thinking of creating an advertisement to be shown on TV, it’s important to know how to get your message across on the right platforms, the right shows, and at the right time for your target audience. Our media team regularly works with dozens of TV vendors to buy plans with guaranteed spots, Direct Response spots, Cable spots, Network National spots, Network Local – National spots, Local Broadcast spots, Longform (infomercials), Live TV Segments, Sponsorships, Public Television underwriting, Crawl/Scroll advertising and more. Television advertising has proven itself effective for companies across the world, let us help you get your message out!

Should we go digital? Yes…you probably should.

Digital advertising has exploded around the world as technology advances and increasingly blends our daily lives into a mix of pixels and data. Almost everywhere we go we will be looking at screens in one form or another. Digital billboards, screens in gas stations, restaurants, stores, home computers, they’re everywhere! Not to mention, the phone that’s in your pocket or on your desk right now. Every one of these screens demands our attention, and advertisers have certainly taken note of this.

Social networks have created an environment where details of our lives are written out for whoever is watching. As of August 2021, Facebook alone has roughly 302.25 million users in the US. Other platforms, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google search allow advertisers to target users in a very specific and personalized way.

Social Networks, Facebook, and beyond…

We have already established the popularity and potential of Facebook advertising. It’s the most popular social network and has the farthest reach among the general population. Can we target a specific type of person with qualifications or interests that aren’t listed on their Facebook profile? There are several options to narrow the search down. If you’re looking to advertise for a hiring event or job placement opportunities, LinkedIn allows for the most in-depth search for candidates with skillsets, education, and appropriate backgrounds for potential candidates. With a user base of roughly 722 million, it makes sense to tap into this resource of professionals that are often actively seeking new opportunities.  Our team can utilize all these elements and create a custom targeted search to find the exact qualifications that match the job descriptions.

Additionally, you might want to consider YouTube as a potential platform for your services or products. While it doesn’t have as large of an audience as Facebook, YouTube has a reach of about 74% of adults in the United States. Its ever-increasing popularity is most apparent in the 15-35-year-old range but is also making a significant impact with older adults. 80% of parents in the United States with children 11 and under say their kids watch YouTube, this is in stark contrast to other social networks with a minimum age requirement of 18. YouTube ads can be tailored to a particular audience and reach viewers on a level that other platforms do not. Access to Media makes use of the data to make sure your ad placements are on content that targeted demographics will see.

Where do we even begin?

Navigating all the elements and strategies in digital marketing can be intimidating if you don’t know where to begin. There is no doubt that your business will benefit from any or all forms of digital marketing. With all of this in mind, consider letting an experienced team of experts guide you through the process. Access to Media has been in business for over 18 years and has grown with the industry while incorporating all the latest and emerging trends in digital advertising. Our creative team has a history of enhancing our client’s presence. From brand recognition to building their customer base and targeting the right audience, Access To Media can help you.

Whatever industry you are in, Access to Media is here to work with you. We can help you find the best platform to get your message out to your customers. Contact us today for a free quote, no obligations required. Let’s get to know each other and grow your business.