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Jamaica Cottage Shop, Inc.


Creating successful social media contests that convert.

To hone in on one of his best products for a giveaway, Access To Media strategically created a targeted social media campaign in order to promote Jamaica Cottage Shop to show possible customers what makes them so special!

We had to think beyond the giveaway itself and create a story behind it that would spark innovation and excitement.

One of the first contests we ran was back in February 2018. The contests are hosted through the ShortStack platform where our first step was to assign a relevant theme. During this time we decided on the following – “Win a 8×10 New Yorker Shed for a deserving dad or husband this Father’s Day!” One lucky winner at the end would be chosen.

The contest was set to run through the end of May 2018.

How does it work?

This contest landing page was built through ShortStack and advertised through Facebook. Access To Media tactically targeted Facebook users ads based on purchase behaviors, interests, demographics, and more. Once the ad was in front of the end user, they’d click on it and from there be brought to the contest landing page. This is where they enter either a description or photo about why their dad/husband should win. As well, we required users to enter their email in order to expand Jamaica Cottage Shop’s email list.

The ads

We ran 4 ads to A/B test, each appealing to a different market. The ads and results are explained below.

1.) Cartoon 1 – “Enter to Win an 8×10 Man Cave”

“What would your dad do with a Man Cave?” This ad received 931 Link Clicks to the Landing Page at a CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) of 2.99% and a CPC (Cost Per Click) of $0.09. The image shows cartoon characters discussing the lumber used to build the shed, with mention of the contest in the description below the image headline.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Case Study

2.) Inside a Shed – “Every Dad Wants A Man Cave”

“Free Shed Giveaway – No Purchase Necessary! Built by a Vermont Craftsman here in the USA.” The Shed Ad received 3,255 Link Clicks to the Landing Page at a 3.08% CTR and a CPC of $0.10. In this ad, the giveaway is mentioned in both the newsfeed description and the link description. The ad hints at the Father’s Day theme with “#1 dad”.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Case Study

3.) Cartoon 2 – “Enter to Win an 8×10 Man Cave”

“Man Cave or She Shed?” This ad has received 4,710 Link Clicks to the Landing Page at a CTR of 3.46% and a CPC of $0.11. Back to the cartoon characters, but it can’t be all about Dad, what about those women who deserve a “She Shed”? The newsfeed description brings in the deserving women, as well.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Case Study

4.) Father’s Day Ad – “Father’s Day Giveaway from Jamaica Cottage Shop”

“Enter to win an 8×10 Post & Beam Shed from Jamaica Cottage Shop built by a Vermont Craftsman here in the USA.” The best performing ad mentioned the “Father’s Day Giveaway” in the image. This ad has received 13,829 Link Clicks to the Landing Page at a CTR of 4.06% and a CPC of $0.11. This ad shows it’s all about the man in your life! The image highlights this loud and clear while the supporting text below explains the giveaway. The newsfeed text explains Jamaica Cottage Shop and their buildings.

Jamaica Cottage Shop Case Study

The Results

Jamaica Cottage Shop Father’s Day Giveaway Contest received 2,196 entries. That’s more emails to add to their email list and more potential customers, at slightly over a $1.00 cost per lead and a 14.27% Conversion Rate.