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Dream Giveaway

2,329 CLICKS, 38,834 IMPRESSIONS, & A CTR OF 6.00%

Increasing ROI.

Over the course of four months, Access to Media was presented with the challenge of driving traffic to Dream Giveaway’s site where customers would donate money in exchange to be entered in a car giveaway. What made Dream Giveaway special was the offer they presented to their customers. Customers who purchased tickets had the chance to double their tickets by using a promo code provided by Dream Giveaway.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to effectively advertise each car to an audience that would be most interested in entering the multiple contests presented to them.

How does it work?

We started by researching what audience would be best for each car giveaway and then implemented a highly targeted audience for each campaign. Over the four months that this campaign ran, we monitored the campaign and updated creatives to what consistently preformed the best. We implemented creative such as carousel and video ads. Once the ad was in front of the user they could click on it and be taken to Dream Giveaway’s purchase page for that particular campaign. The user would be able to purchase different amounts of tickets and the promo code would be automatically applied.

The ads

We ran 3 ads for each campaign (Corvette, Tesla, Chevelle, Mustang, and Jeep). We ran a carousel ad, a 15 second video ad and 30 second video ad. Some examples are below.

1.) 15-Second video ad

In the one month this ad ran it received a total of 2,329 clicks, 38,834 impressions, and a CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) of 6.00%. This ad showed off the interior of the car as well as a test drive that shows off how the vehicle drives.

2.) Carousel

This ad received a total of 3,995 clicks, 74,784 impressions, and a CTR (Click-Thru-Rate) of 5.34%. This showed off the car in different settings as well as giving information about the car in the captions.

Dream Giveaway Case Study
Dream Giveaway Case Study


Access to Media was able to continue growth month to month for Dream Giveaway by recommending and implementing strong target audiences and top performing creative.


Corvette: 7,525 clicks, 128,619 impressions, 5.85% CTR


Tesla Giveaway: 4,696 clicks, 82,834 impressions, 5.67% CTR
Chevelle Giveaway: 8,813 clicks, 133,121 impressions, 6.62% CTR


Chevelle: 7,588 clicks, 132,445 impressions, 5.73% CTR
Mustang: 12,207 clicks, 171,704 impressions, 7.11% CTR
Jeep: 9,958 clicks, 129,513 impressions, 7.69% CTR


GTO: 7,740 clicks, 124,876 impressions, 6.20% CTR
Chevy C10: 19,230 clicks, 262,115 impressions, 7.34% CTR
Jeep: 20,755 clicks, 309,729 impressions, 7.09% CTR
Mustang: 25,352 clicks, 413,149 impressions, 6.14% CTR