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Which Digital Advertising Platform Is Right For You?

Written by Kelly Kiely, Creative & Digital Marketing Specialist

In 2019, Hootsuite and We Are Social discovered the average internet user spends over 6 hours and 42 minutes online each day. With over 4.54 billion internet users and 3.80 billion social media users around the globe, each digital advertising platform provides a huge opportunity for companies to market their brand.

But, where do you get started? Is there one platform that will work better for your industry or your audience? With dozens of platforms to choose from, Access to Media is here to help you decide which digital advertising platform is right for you and your company!

Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the most valuable advertising platforms in the digital landscape. With immense targeting and retargeting options, you can reach users based on demographics such as their age, gender, income, parental status, interests, and geographic location. Google also allows you to build extremely specific audiences with Affinity audiences, Custom audiences, In-market audiences, and more. Our Digital Team is Google Ads certified in Search, Display, Video, Shopping, and App campaigns! 

Search Ads

Google search ads appear up in Google’s search results using advertiser-chosen keywords. With 3.5 billion Google searches being made every day, potential customers are searching for the products and services you offer. Search ads allow you to reach the right people in the moments when they’re interested and ready to buy.

google search results advertisement for 'ground coffee beans'

Display Ads

Google display ads appear across the Google Display Network and on partner sites. The display network reaches 90% of internet users around the world across a vast collection of websites, mobile apps, and video content. Display ads can be static or animated, and are used to engage users with visually appealing ad formats.

google display results on the new york times

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are incredibly useful for businesses with a product to sell. They have a very wide reach, appearing across Google’s search results, in the Shopping tab, on YouTube, on the Google Display Network, and more. Drive traffic to an online store, or influence foot traffic to a brick-and-mortar location based on geofencing capabilities!

google shopping results for 'ground whole bean coffee

Video Ads

Video ads bring your brand’s story to life and capture an audience’s attention when users are in their personal primetime. These ads show up on YouTube in a multitude of forms including skippable and non-skippable in-stream ads, video discovery ads, mastheads, out-of-stream ads across Google video partners, and more. 

youtube and google video ad formats

App Ads

App advertisements appear across the Google App Network, the Google Play Store, and more. These ads can be used to drive installs for your app, increase download rates, develop a dedicated app user-base, and encourage engagement among existing users.  

google apps advertisements for Nesti


Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram have an extensive reach with over 1.62 billion users visiting Facebook daily, and 500 million users visiting Instagram daily. With Facebook and Instagram ads are ideal for a wide variety of objectives: increase engagement, boost your following, generate leads, drive conversions, and more!

facebook and instagram ad formats

Image Ads

Single image ads appear in a wide variety of locations across the Facebook network. Drive people to a destination through high-quality visuals while defining your brand. 

Video Ads

Video ads draw people in with engaging elements like sound and motion. Ideal for seeing a product in action, a service at work, and so much more.

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads can display up to 10 images and/or videos, each with its own link. Use carousel ads to showcase relevant content for your business in an interactive format.

Collection Ads

These ads are ideal for shopping campaigns, showcasing a collection of products a brand chooses to advertise. Collection ads only appear on Facebook and Instagram Feeds.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Advertising is a great alternative to Google ads, reaching 638 million unique desktop users around the world. Microsoft ads can also be used to supplement your existing Google campaigns, guaranteeing even further reach by expanding your audience. In the U.S alone, over 48.6 million Bing searches aren’t reached by Google. 

Search and Text Ads

Microsoft search and text ads appear in Bings search results and are triggered by keywords. Using expanded text ads, dynamic search ads, and responsive search ads, you can reach users in the moments they are looking for you.

Bing Smart Search

Bing Smart Search ads are a newer, unique form of Microsoft advertisement. Similar to text ads, they are optimized for touch screen devices. Smart Search ads include a preview of your landing page when featured on a compatible device, and utilize visually engaging elements to attract user attention.

bing smart search ad example

Product Ads

Like Google Shopping ads, Microsoft’s Product ads appear at the top of search results, in the right-hand column of results, and in the Shopping tab on Bing. These are ideal when you have a product to sell or a physical store to drive traffic to.

Audience Ads

Audience ads are Microsoft’s versions of Google Display advertisements. These are designed for brands to get non-search traffic through the use of strategic website placements, embedded organically within a web page’s content to provide brands with a more integrated way to interact with users. These ads are a great addition to search ads, as they are visually focused to gain high-quality traffic.

bing audience ad example format

App Install Ads

App Install Ads provide a direct link to your app through a clickable button, sending customers directly to their app store to download the application. These ads are ideal for businesses with an app to download who want to drive downloads rather than drive website traffic. App Install Ads detect the device a user is on and directs them to the applicable Apple App Store or Google Play Store. These ads are only available in the United States, and for iOS and Android only.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are ideal for engaging with audiences and shaping meaningful conversations. It’s also a great platform to reach younger audiences with nearly 38% of people ages 18-30 on the platform. Twitter’s simple ad formats are designed to build awareness, drive consideration, and influence users to take action.

twitter app card examples ad formats

Promoted Tweets

Promoted tweets are an effective way to convey your message quickly and efficiently. Run a poll, add a GIF, or promote your account. These formats work best with engagements, reach, and followers campaigns.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards are ideal for driving website clicks, app installs, and app re-engagement. This format offers a clickable button that drives people directly to your desired destination through its user-streamlined design.


Videos are some of the most engaging media formats. Launching a video campaign on Twitter is a great way to make a memorable impression and maximize performance. Video ads optimized for Twitter can also drive an increase of 33% in emotional engagement among targeted users.

At Access To Media, we are fully equipped to help you with all of your digital marketing and advertising needs. Check out our website today to see what we offer and how our Digital Team can find the right digital marketing platform for you!