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Girl recording a video on her phone

Reel Talk – How Short-Form Videos Contribute to Your Success Story

With short-form videos becoming an algorithm priority, it’s time for marketers to integrate it into their strategy.

Have you ever fallen into the rabbit hole of your TikTok feed? You scroll and scroll through dozens of videos until you realize – BAM – an hour went by. You’d be halfway through watching a movie by now! Instead you consumed dozens of content and ads. So, what happened? You’ve fallen into the trap of short-form videos.

TikToks.  Facebook Reels. Instagram Reels. YouTube Shorts. You name it. Short-form videos are everywhere, and they’re not going away anytime soon.


Because they are exactly what gets your attention.

Because they are powerful enough to cause a feta cheese shortage.

Because they’ve contributed to the success of many brands worldwide.

Video marketing is expanding and reaching consumers now more than ever. 79% of those who don’t currently use video plan to integrate it into their marketing this year. If you’re not already using short-form videos in your content strategy, it’s time to start.

Holly Nichols photo by © Lisa Czech Photography
Holly Nichols, 31, pictured with her art. Photo by © Lisa Czech Photography

Higher Engagement

Holly Nichols has been a full-time artist in Boston since 2014 when she started promoting her work on Instagram. She uses her fashion-inspired illustrations to engage her audience in both the fashion and art communities. This year in March, she reached one million followers on Instagram and Facebook. As of today, she has five million followers on TikTok and her work is sold internationally. It’s no surprise her main content strategy is short-form videos.

Video content gets 48% more views on social media than static photos, and short-form videos are one of the easiest ways to get your content out there. Younger audiences prefer them because they value video content above all else. Plus, by being shareable across platforms, short-form videos help spread brand awareness. They also provide plenty of room for interaction between the brand and customers. This results in higher engagement. By consistently posting unique short-form videos on multiple platforms, Nichols continues to engage her audience, build a community, and generate more sales for her work.

Artist Holly Nichols drawing Lady Gaga in Armani on TikTok
Artist Holly Nichols drawing Lady Gaga in Armani on TikTok

Reach New Audiences

The goal of any marketer is to not only cater to the brand loyalists, but to find new customers.   Facebook states that Reels can help you build an audience by not only reaching those who follow you, but also extending your reach to those not even connected to you yet.

“Because of TikTok’s popularity, the algorithm on other platforms has shifted to favor short-form video over other types of content. For instance, Reels appear in the Home Feed, in Stories, on user profiles, in the Reels tab, or on the Discover page. This means Reels can reach a much larger audience, whereas in-feed posts and Stories can only reach your followers.” – Lou Hammond Group

Short-form videos can be recommended to a user based on their interactions with content on the app. This includes accounts they follow, videos they like, comments they made, and much more. Anything that offers clues about the kind of content the user likes or dislikes. Using Nichols as an example, anyone who likes her videos or particularly enjoys videos about fashion or art are most likely going to come across her content on their feed.


Superior ROI

According to Forbes, “The success rate of video as a format in B2B is indisputable. In fact, 74% of B2B marketers say video has a better return on investment than static images do, and 91% feel that the pandemic has made video more important for brands.” Hubspot states that short-form video has the highest ROI of any social media strategy.

The average user now spends more than an hour every week watching videos on social media platforms. Short-form videos have become a source for people to consume information quickly. When done right, they can lead to higher conversions. This can be done through video advertising that grabs attention at different points along the buyer’s journey.

From the moment the user first engages with a video ad, you hold the viewer’s attention longer than any form of content. 50% of consumers would prefer to engage with videos on social media, and thus, people stop scrolling once a video catches their attention. Maybe they’re indecisive or were not totally sold on the product yet and choose to move on – a retargeting campaign can be used so they never forget about it. By creating another short-form video retargeting the customer, the product becomes memorable and can ultimately lead to a convinced purchase.


TikTok Star Charli D'amelio with "The Charli" Dunkin iced coffee drink
TikTok Star Charli D’amelio pictured with her signature Dunkin drink, “The Charli”.

The Power of Influencers

After years of influencer marketing used in digital strategies, short-form videos have changed the game.

“Working with influencers can have a big impact on the potential to reach new audiences and convert them to paying customers. Incorporating them into your short-video marketing strategy is a good option, especially if your brand is trying to build out a robust follower base.” – Forbes

In fact, almost 50% of Gen Z users made a purchase decision because of an influencer’s recommendation.  Fast food chains like Dunkin’, McDonalds, and KFC have taken a step further by not just partnering with influencers, but making them a part of their brand. In 2020, top TikTok influencer Charli D’amelio, who regularly expressed her love for Dunkin’ in her short-form videos, was made a brand ambassador. Putting her name next to a product ultimately generated high leads for the brand by expanding their audience.

Finding influencers and advocates for your brand will be the cherry on top of a successful video campaign.

Want short-form videos to be part of your success story? Need help building a retargeting or influencer campaign to really push sales? Access to Media can help! Contact us to see how our team can help get you started.