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Our media team regularly works with dozens of TV vendors to buy plans with guaranteed spots, Direct Response spots, Cable spots, Network National spots, Network Local – National spots, Local Broadcast spots, Longform (infomercials), Live TV Segments, Sponsorships, Public TV underwriting, Crawl/Scroll advertising and more.

Guaranteed Spots – rates that are guaranteed to run Direct Response-clients with no physical location, just a website or phone number, who are selling products direct to consumers can receive pre-emptible lower priced rates. These rates are based upon the current avails, what guaranteed spots are selling for, and programming. We are in contact with specific departments within each medium to secure the most up to date information.

Network – National spots reach every person who has the network in the US

Network – Local-national spots reach a % of the National markets, usually 15-30%

Local Broadcast – The local affiliates retain control over a percentage of spots within their produced programming and network programming. We can negotiate packages directly with local affiliates when specific DMAs are targeted. Local Broadcast usually offers Live TV Segments in some news programming or lifestyle shows as well as sponsorships of news packages (Bus Top Weather, Time & Temp, Daytime program pieces). Another DR option is longform (infomercial) which generally are available in overnight and weekend dayparts.

Cable – We can negotiate unwired cable plans to reach a variety of DMAs over the whole nation based upon targeted demos or we can negotiate and buy local zone or interconnect spot cable. We work with all the cable providers in the US along with Dish and DirectTV for our satellite service providers.

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