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Liz Jusko

VP of Sales & Marketing

Liz started Access To Media in 2003 with a very clear vision in mind. She wanted to build a business where all companies, big and small, would be able to receive the highest quality and up-to-date marketing services to help the growth and success of their own business. Liz’s experience within the field began when she started working at Reminder Publications in 1998 selling advertising space to local businesses for the paper. However, it was not long until her clients were asking for more advertising options. Liz knew Access To Media would provide the ability to offer clients national and international advertising in a variety of forms. She hired and continues to build a diversified, multi-faceted, creative team of people who shared my unique vision for the agency. Today, Access To Media’s clientele ranges from the smallest business owners to the largest corporations and the satisfaction continues.

“I continued to emphasize to my team client diversity and customer service and Access To Media gained an edge over “traditional” advertising agencies, making Access to Media one of a kind.”

Liz moved from Portugal to the United States in 1980 and currently resides in Palmer with her twin boys and her rescue dogs Kobe and CJ. Being in the advertising field since 1998 its definitely in my blood and what I was meant to do. I love the “family” that I have created here at Access To Media and I welcome you the opportunity to be part of “our family” too!

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