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How AI Assists in The Marketing Approach For Business Development

We’ve all heard the buzz on AI and its inevitable takeover. With some jobs lost and some being enhanced, we are here to discuss the many ways it can be utilized for performance optimization within the workplace. With the artificial intelligence market expected to break the $500 billion milestone within 2023, its best we find ways to work alongside its predicted trajectory rather than against it. Here are the top ways AI can be used within the workplace to transform day to day business.

Automated Operations

There are hundreds of monotonous daily tasks that need to be performed to keep businesses afloat. With the use of AI companies now can delegate and automate routine operations. This new phenomenon frees up the workload of employees for more critical tasks. We’ve seen the success of AI delegated tasks when it comes to customer support departments. AI-powered chatbots have become the newest most efficient way to respond to the simpler support tickets, while allowing staff to focus on the more complex cases and marketing related tasks. AI can minimize human errors and ensure accuracy, the more businesses automate their operations, the quality will improve along with workforce efficiency.

Analyzed Decision Making

Analyzing huge chunks of data has normally been done by humans, however AI is changing that as well. AI is meant to analyze large data sets, learn from them, and make predictions or decisions based on that data.

AI makes it possible for businesses to provide a plethora of data at their employees’ fingertips. These advanced technologies can identify trends, predict future results, and suggest the right course of action. No need to fear! Humans still play a crucial role within whatever industry AI is meant to enhance. After data is analyzed it’s the personnel that then solve issues and decide on next moves that align with company goals.

These advanced technologies are faster and more accurate than humans. Overall, it saves time, money and resources used in manual decision making. It is no secret that companies will increasingly delegate decisions to AI models that can draw patterns in data faster and more accurately than humans.

Increased Productivity

Using automated workflows and enhanced day-to-day tasks AI is helping businesses boost their productivity. The time employees spend performing maintenance and tasks is drastically reduced through the help of advanced technology. Ultimately people can achieve more tasks in a smaller timeframe, which benefits the company’s overall productivity. As AI continues to increase businesses revenue, there’s no doubt it will be more in demand.

 Creating A Personalized Approach

Now more than ever customers want business to empathize with their customer service interactions. There was a Qualtrics XM Institute study that found more than 60% of consumers want businesses to care about them. Or would rather purchase from brands that do. With the help of AI businesses can tailor their customers’ experience and develop on demand solutions. Using advanced technology companies are at an advantage, they can seamlessly create a humanized customer support experience with little to no effort from employees.


Incorporating AI into Marketing

Over at Access to Media we’ve even implemented AI to assist us, using chatbots. This helps provide consistent feedback to clients and leads, while also creating an organized streamline for customer support.  Overall, we believe AI is going to assist in the success of companies. We have taken it upon ourselves to stay up to date on all the newest machine learning technologies. This way we can give proper guidance and assistance to our clients for an efficient and cost-effective campaign approach. Be sure to reach out for free quotes and consultations!