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Instagram’s Algorithm-5 Ways to Increase Your Audience Engagement

Instagram’s algorithm (the order in which they show your posts to your followers) is constantly changing. The goal of this algorithm is to show the most relevant posts to users based on a variety of factors.

Instagram’s features, Feed, Reels, and the Explore tab all use their own algorithm based on what users are looking to find there. In your feed, you are more likely to seek out posts by friends, but in explore, you may be looking to find something new by someone you do not follow.

The amount of engagement is the most important factor in ensuring a post reaches most of your audience. This can include likes, shares, comments, and saves. So, how do you increase your engagement, and which factors are the most important?

1) Experiment!

Changing up your content types to incorporate all of Instagram’s new features such as Reels, IGTV videos, and carousel posts can impact engagement. You can improve your chances of being shown in followers feeds and on the explore page by using a variety of content types.

2) Collabs

In a collab, one post is shared on both pages feeds with the same likes, comments, and shares, so you reach a completely new audience through the followers of your co-author. This removes the need to share content and duplicate posts.

3) Interact with your audience

Posting interactive stories is a great way to get audience feedback, as well as encourage engagement and drive potential customers to your page. Instagram recently announced that accounts under 10,000 followers can now use their ‘Links’ sticker in Stories.

An example of an interactive poll on Instagram, consisting of yes/no answers

4) Saves and shares, before likes and comments

Instagram’s algorithm adjustment emphasized the importance of both saves and shares. Saving or sharing a post is now more important because even though it is not as public as likes and comments, it lets Instagram know that this person wants to see more of your content in their feed.

5) Listen to your audience

One of the most often overlooked aspects of advertising is engaging with your audience in real-time. Include calls-to-action in the captions of your post, and respond to comments in a timely manner. Direct messages can be a great way for customers to quickly ask questions about your product or service. It also provides you an opportunity to hear any feedback they may have.


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