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Top 3 Creative Valentine Ads We Saw in 2023

In advertising, there’s more than one way to say “I love you” – and Valentine’s Day is the time to do it.

Creativity is key when it comes to a good ad campaign and we found brands that really stood out to us. Check out our top three creative ads that were unforgettable this year:


#3 Knowing Their Order

A true sign of love is knowing your person’s go-to McDonald’s order. The restaurant chain took this sentiment further by introducing their first-ever celebrity duo meal.

Starting Feb. 14, you can get the Cardi B & Offset Meal at participating restaurants nationwide. It includes each of their go-to menu items as well as a large fry and apple pie to split.

The musical couple’s commercial ad aired during the pregame period of Super Bowl 57. However, it will continue to be advertised in other ways:

“To boost the campaign, McDonald’s will tie up with dating apps like Tinder, BLK and Chispa and will run a “truth or dare” game on its own app. In addition, the brand will host a kiss cam billboard at its Times Square location.” – Marketing Dive

This campaign was clever by pinpointing two common joys that most couples share – knowing each other well and sharing a fry or two.

Can’t afford a fancy dinner for your Valentine this year? McDonald’s proves that even the richest couples out there aren’t afraid to keep it simple.


#2 Friends with Benny’s

Valentine's Day Denny's Friends with Benny's

Whether you have a partner, a best friend, or are in a “situationship” Denny’s had the solution this Valentine’s Day.

Last week, they announced on Instagram that Denny’s lovers could purchase Valentine’s Day gift “cards” and invite their special someone to be “Friends with Benny’s” over a classic eggs benedict meal.

The cards were sold for $12.99 on Each card included a voucher worth $25.98, the value of two Classic or Southwestern Benny breakfasts. With their Benny breakfasts being one of their most popular dishes, Denny’s was able to sell out all 500 cards they had available.

“Valentine’s Day is a special moment worthy of celebration and our guests never have to overspend to make it memorable,” said Denny’s President John Dillon. “At Denny’s, we’re always proud to be a welcoming place where people can connect over great food at a great value.” – PR Newswire

By using one of their signature dishes to have some hollandaise saucy fun, Denny’s was able to draw more pairs to their tables this week.


#1 A Gift to Remember

Valentine's Day Name A Roach

While this ad campaign probably made most couples hiss, we had to admit this was the most unique appROACH we’ve seen for Valentine’s Day. Rather than flowers and chocolate, the Bronx Zoo made couples an offer they would have never searched for. And we mean it.

“This Valentine’s Day, name one of the Bronx Zoo’s Madagascar hissing cockroaches for a special someone in your life. NOT gross, but GORGEOUS” reads the sub-headline of their email campaign.

That’s right, The Bronx Zoo declared that true romantics give the gift of naming a roach for only $15.

They also recommended the full $75 package. This included a roach tumbler, roach tote, a printed certificate with their roach’s name, and a Valentine’s Virtual Encounter* with a Madagascar hissing cockroach — and a surprise animal guest.

Believe it or not, the Bronx Zoo has been offering Name-a-Roach every year since 2011. Other zoos have also participated.

“The Name-a-Roach offering is a fun, light-hearted way to make sure your loved one knows your feelings will last a lifetime while helping the Bronx Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society further its mission to save wildlife and wild places in New York and around the world.” – Bronx Times

Whether one is romanticized by free meals or roaches, each Valentine campaign shows that there is more than one way to sweep someone off their feet. Like any loving relationship, your audience loves you for who you are. The next question is – how will you use your brand’s unique charm to woo them.



Had trouble wooing your audience this Valentine’s Day? Looking for a creative advertising campaign to sweep them off their feet? Our innovative team has the tools your brand needs. Contact Access To Media today to learn more.