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Holiday Marketing for a very COVID-19 Christmas

Holiday Marketing For A Very COVID-19 Christmas

Written by Kelly Kiely, Creative & Digital Marketing Specialist

The 2020 holiday season is sure to be one we’ll never forget. Consumer behavior will be vastly different this year because of COVID-19. Let’s dive into how your company can adapt to this year’s holiday marketing trends!

Focus On Tradition

Though shopping habits have shifted, our love for the holiday season has not. In a time of uncertainty, consumers are looking for some sense of normalcy and tradition now more than ever. Hone your messaging around the value of traditions and focus on what people love the most about every holiday season, even if that may look a little different this year. 

Connect with Your Audience

As most people are still incredibly anxious, take the time to show customers you care about their needs and worries too. Additionally, showcase what your company is doing to keep employees safe and connected this year. Consumers are looking for passion and empathy from companies, meaning it’s the perfect time to level up your business’s social initiatives. Research shows 65% of consumers say that how brands behave now will have a “huge impact” on what they will buy in the future after the COVID-19 crisis subsides.

Go Digital

Online shopping has exploded since March of this year. All age groups saw growth in how many people shopped online. Online shopping is only expected to continue growing this holiday season. In fact, in the first 10 days over this year’s holiday season, consumers spent $21.7 billion online—a 21% jump compared to last year, according to Adobe Analytics. Consumers are looking to online retailers, big and small, to buy for the sake of safety and convenience. If you’re an eCommerce business, don’t miss out on billions of online ad opportunities this holiday season.

Social(ly Distanced) Media

COVID-19 has drastically changed our online habits. Social media and internet usage has gone way up since March, according to one survey. With fewer places to go, more and more eyes are looking to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more for entertainment. This makes social media an ideal channel for your holiday marketing goals, and luckily, Access to Media’s digital team is fully equipped to help you meet the demand!

Whether you’re traveling this year, spending time with just household members, or sticking to Zoom calls, Access To Media wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!


At Access To Media, we are fully equipped to help you with all of your digital marketing and advertising needs. Contact us today to see what we offer and how our Digital Team and Media Team can help your business meet the holiday demand!