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YouTube Podcasts – 4 Reasons Why Marketers Should Invest

YouTube now has a podcasts page.

That’s right.

You heard us!

Now you can see us too! Get it?

After hiring a podcast executive, offering podcasters up to $300k to create videos, and partnering with NPR to bring on 20 of its trending shows, YouTube is changing podcasts forever!


Why it matters

YouTube podcasts

Over the years, YouTube has gone from being a video platform to a multi-platform.

In fact, a Morning Consult survey found about a third of adults say YouTube is their preferred platform for podcasts listening. That puts it well ahead of Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This growing competition puts Spotify specifically in a bad spot since they just invested about $1 billion in podcasts. Even TikTok is looking to launch a music service that would cover podcasts.

It’s clear that YouTube has now become a “power player” for podcasts, especially for sports podcasting according to Kevin Jones (founder and CEO, Blue Wire). He said YouTube now belongs “in the top five of every podcaster’s content distribution strategy, which it probably wasn’t two years ago.”

In fact, YouTube stars like Logan Paul and h3h3 have jumped on the bandwagon. Meanwhile, Spotify podcasters like Joe Rogan have already been posting videos to their platform. If you’re a podcaster or marketer looking to expand your content strategy, what are you waiting for?


Why you should invest

A valuable target

YouTube podcasts subscriber valuable target market

After YouTube’s announcement of their new podcast page back in August, the hosts of HubSpot’s podcast series Marketing Against The Grain could not contain their excitement. They argued that this makes YouTube subscribers “the most valuable subscribers on the internet.”

From videos, to music, to now podcasts, YouTube subscribers are becoming a more versatile target market. Better yet, it’s now creating an overlap between video content and audio podcasts. As The Guardian put it, it’s “changing user habits and pitting video giant YouTube against audio-native Spotify.” Consuming a podcast now becomes more than a background activity while driving or exercising—it’s a viewing experience.

In addition, Luminate’s Podcast360 report found that 78 percent of surveyed use YouTube to discover new podcasts, along with keeping up with their favorite ones. The extra layer of immersion through video puts YouTube at an advantage. Podcasters now have access to tools they never had before–links, images, and other things audio-only listeners can’t get.

This proves the YouTube subscriber to be a valuable target.

An opportunity for podcasters to expand

Along with showing visuals, podcasters now have the opportunity to show emotion and expand on their channel. YouTube podcaster John Allen (aka MrBallen) said that his fans prefer the video style.

“This [medium] allows them to see my very real emotions come out as I take them through the story that we’ve spent countless hours preparing. Video also gives me another layer to play with… I can just throw some visuals on screen to support whatever I’m saying.”

Podcasters looking to expand their content creatively have opportunities from video/audio hybrids to using YouTube’s live-stream features. Along with the high-quality content, consumers may also benefit from having different options. Listeners can finally have a preference whether they want to engage face-to-face or listen on the go.

Reach newer (younger) audiences
See the rest of the list of Gen Z’s favorite brands here

If your brand is looking to expand their audience, specifically a younger more tech-savvy audience, YouTube may be the platform for you.

According to a Morning Consult survey, YouTube’s best numbers were among Gen Zs where roughly four in ten said they prefer listening or watching a podcast on YouTube. One possible reason Gen Z is so fond of YouTube podcasts is the fact that “it is the platform they are already using – a lot.”

That’s right. Even more than TikTok or Instagram.

While TikTok ranks highest for brand relative to the U.S. public, The Hustle found that YouTube was the overall top favorite brand among Gen Z. In fact, 75% of Gen Zs say they use YouTube on a daily basis.

If younger audiences are on your list of target markets in podcasting, add YouTube to your strategy.

Create multipurpose content

As YouTube continues to roll out its plans for podcasts, this gives marketers plenty of time to create the perfect content strategy. A multi-purpose channel requires multi-purpose content.

If you already have videos that could easily be put on YouTube, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it. If you’re looking to make your text-based content (email, blogs, etc.) stand out, adding podcast media to it could benefit.

Regardless of your strategy, creating content that can be modified for both visual and audio is key. As mentioned before, your audience may benefit from seeing your content in multiple formats. Therefore, it’s important to tailor to their needs.


Bottom Line

There was once a time when Instagram was just a photo world and podcasts were just an audio world.

Today, video has become a priority.

From TikTok, to reels, to YouTube shorts, the digital marketing world is embracing the visuals. YouTube podcasts have entered the chat and it’s here to stay.

“As podcasts become more profitable and YouTube offers more features that help users get their content out, a marriage between the two is looking like a better and better idea for any business.” – Rock Content

Let’s put it this way. Right now, YouTube has 2.6 billion users. By the end of 2022. there will be about 424 million podcast listeners worldwide.  Convert those podcast listeners to YouTube and the possibilities are endless.

If you are a podcaster, there is no better time to consider the value of a YouTube subscriber than right now.

A picture is worth a thousand words? No.

More like a thousand dollars with the right marketing tools.


Looking to tailor YouTube podcasts to your marketing strategy? Want to reach the YouTube subscriber in ways you never considered? Access to Media is here to help. Contact us today and our team will get you right on track.